Start delivering today. Choose your own schedule.

You choose when you want to drive. On your schedule.


Awesome Features.

Use your own car and make money. You pick your schedule. Orders are placed for you. Our platform allows the fastest turnaround for any delivery.

Easy to Launch

Just use our driver app to receive request on your smart phone.

24/7 Real Time Support

We provide real support. Not just a queue number.

Drivers Love Us

We make driving with hungr enjoyable. We provide the tools you need to deliver fast and make money.


Here are some of the frequently asked questions

What phones are supported?

The Rapid Driver app is available on both Android and iOS

Is my car to old?

We allow vehicles as old as 2000 to be active on our platform. All vehicles must be kept in a safe driving condition.

How much does it pay?

Drivers receive the full delivery fee plus tips. There is a per mile rate of $1.10/mile. This is calculated from the pickup to the dropoff. The minimum is $3.00

Are you in my area?

We are nationwide. If a specific town doesn't have active service you can still signup to be on a waiting list.

Do I have to pick shifts?

No. While we may have certain times that are guaranteed hours. You can decide when you want to go online and take deliveries.

Question no answered?

Contact our Driver Care.

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